Motor sporting essentials

They have become as popular as fanatics look for places to test their car’s performance without creating trouble with the law. Once you get to motor sporting, you get attached and it is not easy to stop. However, the problem that most racers face especially the beginners is the equipment. Although there are always a couple of people having the tools, you aren’t so sure that the kits will do the work properly to fix your type of car. Due to this, it is always a good idea to be independent and be prepared. We examine on what you need to have before you get to your next ripping season.

We talked with the owner of Auto Towing in San Mateo California. He mentioned that sometimes in San Mateo, he feels young kids think they’re invincible, and can race all over the city, just like they see on T.V. His experience has taught him, no one is invincible, and that if you’re not on a track, you shouldn’t be racing. If you do though, wear a helmet and follow as many safety precautions as you can.


If you are a beginner and decide to buy your helmet, ensure that it meets all the certifications. Buying a neck protector is always a wise idea. A Hans’s device is a good device for neck protection but it can only be useful if your car is fitted with one.

Pressure gauge

Monitor your pressure using a pressure gauge. The tires pressure increases while the tire heat. Therefore it is always good for you to keep monitoring them and have a pressure gauge with you.

motorsporting essentials while kart racing

Brake fluid and oil

Before you get in a circuit, make sure you have the right oil and the right amount on the engine. Bleeding the brakes works in handy with brake fluid. If you are a circuit addict, you might consider changing your brake fluid with the one having a higher boiling point.

Have extra brake pads

Brake pads are one of the consumable in a race car. And wearing out is a norm.  Have extra pads and have the knowledge required to change them effectively.

Socket set

At the circuit, one of the many things you will be doing is changing the brake pads. Make sure you are equipped with the right sockets and wrenches to get the job done faster in your car.

Torque wrench

Your wheels need to be of proper torque. Avoid over-torque. Also, check for the nuts and lugs every time you are starting a new session.

Cleaners and gloves

As you race, your car will be hot and dirty. Always be prepared.


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